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Is Fidelity a conservative financial giant or a high risk investment trailblazer? The answer is yes

February 20, 2019
Fidelity, not known as a financial maverick, has been much more receptive to crypto than its mutual fund peers.
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Need for speed drives adoption of Proof-of-Stake Blockchain protocols

January 28, 2019
PoS might not in itself turbocharge Blockchain transactions. But the technology seems to be establishing the foundation for something that might.
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Q&A with Noah Thorp, lead Blockchain architect for GLASS

January 16, 2019
From hiring staff to smoothing out bugs, Thorp discusses the challenges of building the world’s first decentralized settlement network for token trades.
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Crypto prices especially vulnerable to market noise

January 9, 2019
New markets yet to establish a firm footing with investors are subject to price swings. But crypto represents a whole new level of opacity.
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Europe’s data privacy laws pose problems for public blockchains

December 5, 2018
The very law designed to protect privacy may be the very thing that undermines the technology designed to protect privacy
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Top crypto bank faces big test on Wall Street

November 28, 2018
You can’t completely isolate cryptocurrencies, however risky and volatile, from the broader economy. Sooner or later, the two will come together.
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Could stablecoin push the feds to issue digital money?

November 21, 2018
Should stablecoins and their corresponding reserves gain enough size and traction, they could challenge the influence of the world’s largest reserve currency in the U.S. dollar
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Could security tokens offer a lifeline to early stage companies?

November 14, 2018
In recent years, seed/early stage deals have been drying up. Security tokens could provide a lifeline to startups that depend on this capital
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Goodbye initial coin offerings. We hardly knew ye

November 7, 2018
For the sake of clarity and transparency, we should just embrace STO and the regulations that come with it
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Are “smart contracts” the same thing as legal contracts? Depends on whom you ask.

October 31, 2018
Like any new technology, the widespread adoption of smart contracts depends on the creation of a common set of both technical and legal standards.
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For better or worse, token market tied to Bitcoin volatility. Perhaps GLASS will eventually change that.

October 24, 2018
By virtue of being the world’s first major cryptocurrency, Bitcoin influences the markets for other digital coins.
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GLASS network seeks to realize the potential of cryptocurrencies

October 17, 2018
For technology to generate the maximum amount of good for the maximum amount of people, idealism must eventually give away to the logic of a modern economy.
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