What is GLASS?

SharesPost is building the Global Liquidity and Settlement System (GLASS), a decentralized network of crypto trading platforms, to pool liquidity and enable compliant settlement of cross-border digital securities transactions.

Settlement Network

Settlement Network

GLASS will be the shared compliance and settlement infrastructure of member exchanges. The network will route digital securities transactions from exchanges to licensed broker dealers in jurisdictions where their clients are resident for settlement. As a result, member exchanges can facilitate legal transactions in all jurisdictions while minimizing their compliance costs. Continue ReadingWhen a member exchange matches a buyer resident in a foreign jurisdiction in a digital securities trade, the exchange will submit the trade for settlement to GLASS. GLASS would then route the trade to the regulated entity in that jurisdiction to determine if it complies with local laws and regulations. Digital compliance certificates are generated to provide the necessary record for regulators. Less

Liquidity Pooling

GLASS member exchanges may opt to pool their customer orders for one or more trading pairs with other exchanges on the network. GLASS addresses counter-party risk between exchanges with the use of side channels and cross chain atomic swaps. Member exchanges benefit from shared enhanced liquidity and network effects. Continue ReadingWe expect that clients of each participating exchange will have confidence they are obtaining the best price for their purchase or sale. We aim to eliminate counterparty risk between exchanges with the use of side channel technology. The pooling of liquidity should be able to generate networks effects for GLASS members. As more exchanges join the network, we expect the liquidity on GLASS to increase and so provide the remaining exchanges with an ever more powerful incentive to join. Less

Liquidity Pooling
The SharesPost Marketplace

The SharesPost Marketplace

With more than $4 billion in closed transactions, the SharesPost Alternative Trading System is the leading marketplace globally for the trading of private growth company securities. SharesPost will be the first settlement provider on the GLASS network, enabling member exchanges to settle compliant securities token transactions for U.S. residents. Other licensed entities unaffiliated with SharesPost in other jurisdictions will follow to create the global network. Continue ReadingWe believe it will pool the liquidity needs of SharesPost’s 150,000+ registered users with the GLASS network. The SharesPost ATS has the potential of becoming the first settlement provider on the GLASS network, enabling offshore exchanges to serve U.S. customers in a compliant way. Less

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Participating Exchanges

The exchanges shown below are participating in the design and build out of the GLASS network. As a group, they already represent the single largest pool of digital token liquidity in the world.


GLASS Roadmap

Q4 2017

ATS license update for over the counter security token trading.

Initial offering of security tokens for Finom to accredited investors.

Q1 2018

Digital Asset Group formed.

SharesPost Singapore and Dubai license application in process.

Internal development of security token marketplace and GLASS smart contracts.

Q2 2018

Internal development of GLASS token.

Internal development of network protocol and blockchain.

Internal development of Settlement Network smart contracts.

Q3 2018

Release of GLASS token for use on Settlement Network and SharesPost Marketplace.

Initial Trade Referrers on boarded to Settlement Network

Beta launch of Settlement Network with SharesPost entities serving as Settlement Provider in U.S., Singapore, and Dubai.

Beta launch of SharesPost Marketplace.

Q4 2018

Full launch of Settlement Network and SharesPost Marketplace.

Begin on boarding additional Settlement Providers and Trade Referrers to network on rolling basis.

Q1 2019

Pilot launch of GLASS Liquidity Pool with 2-3 exchanges.

Q2 2019

Full launch of GLASS Liquidity Pool.

* Dates are subject to change